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Second Tuesday Collective Gatherings

One of the major ways Metro Atlanta Collective actualizes its vision and manifests its mission is through monthly collective meetings open to planters, emerging planters, pastors, and leaders, gathering together for prayer, peer coaching, lunch, training, and fellowship.

Second Tuesdays 
(Minus July & December)

Dunwoody Community Church
2250 Dunwoody Club Drive
Atlanta, GA 30350

January 10th, 2023 - Second Tuesday

Training: Networking and People Gathering: Unlocking the community and gathering for mission

Trainer: Dr. Tom Wood


Dr. Tom Wood is President of CMM, Inc. CMM is in the Church Vitality business and serves in three spheres: Individuals, Churches, and Networks (church ecosystems and/or denominations). Their mission is “Empowering leaders to multiply the gospel in their spheres of influence" (Col. 1:6). They continue to train Gospel coaches and trainers in USA, Cuba, and the UK. Tom has planted and pastored two churches and was the founding director of North Georgia Church Planting Network (now MAC). He pioneered Gospel Coaching and is the author of Vital Grace: Getting Everything For Nothing (2022), Gospelling Life Together (2017), The Church Planter Field Manual (2010), and co-author of Gospel Coach (2012). Tom and Rachel have been married for 45 years, have 3 daughters, two son-in-laws, and four grandkids.