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Cultivating a Network of Leaders who

 Plant, Strengthen, and Renew

Churches throughout Atlanta

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A Growing Metropolis

Often called the capital of the south, Atlanta will be a city of 7.3 million people by 2025. As the city has grown, Atlanta has expanded its innovative, economic, and cultural influence all over the world—A.T. Kearney recently ranked Atlanta #17 on their Global Cities Outlook report. It is also an entertainment and sports mecca as some of the largest soccer crowds in the world gather to support the Atlanta United Football Club. 

Our city, though beautiful, is also broken. Yes, the city is thriving in many ways, especially in a knowledge economy, but research points out that a "globalized society based on knowledge and information has an inherent tendency to create wider class divisions." (1) To many, Atlanta feels placeless and fragmented. It is a city of extremes—wealth, glamour, and excess collide with brokenness, poverty, and one of the highest income inequality rates in the nation. It is a city in which we hope to continue building leaders who plant and strengthen gospel-centered churches—churches rooted in the gospel of grace, equipped to serve families, neighborhoods, and people in all sectors of Atlanta, to the glory of God and the good of our city.

(1) Joel Kotkin, The Next Hundred Million, 27

A Gospel Movement

Our vision is to glorify God and help Atlanta flourish through a movement of gospel-centered, healthy, multiplying churches.

This is the mission of God: to restore the creation and the life of humanity from the ravages of sin. The church’s function in this story is to participate in God’s mission; we are to be caught up in God’s own work of restoration and healing. This defines the identity and role of the church.

Michael Goheen, A Light to the Nations, 19

In 2015, I moved my family to Atlanta for church planting. Anytime you make a major transition, it can be very difficult for the whole family. As God answered our prayers for community in the place we lived, He also answered prayers for like-minded church planters to walk alongside of through the Metro Atlanta Collective. MAC has been such a gift of relationships, wisdom and compassion that has undoubtedly made a difference in my life here in Atlanta.

Sam Kang

Reconcile Church

Duluth, GA

Profilepic - Copy (3) (1).jpeg

I enjoyed every moment of this cohort and the fellowship we had! The cohort lessons are very gospel-centered and all the ideas and thoughts are finally tied back to a gospel application. If I had to summarize what I learned in the cohort, I would say it gave me a solid framework to think about church planting. It taught me where to start, how to approach, and the stages to go through, while also emphasizing the importance of prayer and dependence on God in all this...The cohort schedule was designed in such a way that a full time professional could undergo this program.

Anoop George

Church Planting Track 1 & 2 participant

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