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Cultivating a Network of Leaders who Plant, Strengthen, and Renew Churches throughout Atlanta

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Did You Know?
  • More than 6 million people live in the Metro Atlanta region.

  • Metro Atlanta is the nation's 8th most populous metro area.

  • Metro Atlanta has more residents than Colorado, Wisconsin, and 29 other states. 

  • Metro Atlanta is growing fast, adding more than 207 new residents every day.

  • Metro Atlanta is very diverse with nearly 70% of its population made up of ethnic minorities.


Metro Atlanta Collective is a growing network of planters, pastors, and leaders who serve churches with beliefs consistent with the Apostles' and Nicene creeds and committed to the five "solas" of the Reformation (Christ alone, grace alone, faith alone, the glory of God alone, and the Scriptures alone). Though historically rooted in the PCA, we are a network of various traditions rooted around these reformational commitments. Our purpose is to serve a larger ecosystem of gospel-centered ministry in Atlanta by helping to plant, strengthen, and renew many churches throughout of city-region.


Our vision is to glorify God and help Atlanta flourish through a movement of gospel-centered, healthy, multiplying churches.


Our mission is to cultivate a network of leaders who plant, strengthen, and renew churches throughout Atlanta.









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I enjoyed every moment of this cohort and the fellowship we had! The cohort lessons are very gospel-centered and all the ideas and thoughts are finally tied back to a gospel application. If I had to summarize what I learned in the cohort, I would say it gave me a solid framework to think about church planting. It taught me where to start, how to approach, and the stages to go through, while also emphasizing the importance of prayer and dependence on God in all this...The cohort schedule was designed in such a way that a full time professional could undergo this program.

Anoop George

Church Planting Track 1 & 2 participant

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